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LM Lawyers  

LM Lawyers is a legal firm that offers legal services to companies and individual clients.
LM Lawyers LM is based in the city of Almeria, and is dedicated to the counseling and defence of the interests of companies, individuals and family throughout Spain.
LM Lawyers aims at treating each client personally; keeping them informed at all times about their situation, and providing a quick and effective reply to their queries or needs.
LM Lawyers is made up of a team of lawyers and other professionals who combine youth and solid academic training in the different areas of Commercial Law- company, contracting, banking investment and bankruptcy law, Civil Law- contracting, family relations, inheritances, liability for accidental damage etc. – Labour Law, administrative Law and criminal law.
Our objective is to offer a comprehensive service that meets the needs of individual and companies.
  • Luis Martinez Abogados

    Business Law

    • Incorporation of companies
    • Corporate restructuring
    • Corporate governance
    Practice Areas
  • Luis Martinez Abogados

    Civil Law

    • Contracts: Drafting and negotiation
    • Contracts: Compensation for damages
    • Users and Consumers claims
    Practice Areas
  • Luis Martinez Abogados

    Real Estate Law

    • Promotions and real estate business
    • Verification of real estate
    Practice Areaas
  • Luis Martinez Abogados

    Criminal Law

    • Corporate crimes
    • Criminal insolvency proceedings
    • Crimes against tax and social security authorities
    • Environment criminal law
    Practice Areas
  • Luis Martinez Abogados

    Labour Law

    • Labour contracting and individual dismissals
    • Employment accidents
    Practice Areas
  • Luis Martinez Abogados

    Tax Law

    • Permanent tax advice
    • Tax planning
    • Taxation of personal and family wealth
    • Appeal and complaints
    Practice Areas
  • Luis Martinez Abogados

    Separation and Divorce

    • Proceeding of separation and divorce
    • Division of matrimonial join assets
    Practice Areas
  • Luis Martinez Abogados

    Administrative Law

    • Administrative proceeding
    • Contentious administrative proceeding
    Practice Areas
  • Luis Martinez Abogados Business
  • Luis Martinez Abogados Civil
  • Luis Martinez Abogados Estate
  • Luis Martinez Abogados Penal
  • Luis Martinez Abogados Labour
  • Luis Martinez Abogados Tax
  • Luis Martinez Abogados Divorce
  • Luis Martinez Abogados Administrative